The island of Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitic islands in the Ionian Sea. If you have ever been wondering how a Greek island with a Venetian architecture and a British and French influence would look like, than you should definitely visit Kerkira!

It is not accidentally that throughout the centuries Corfu was an attraction for many conquers that appeared in the area. A picturesque island with olive groves and pine trees that fill the air with a special Mediterranean smell is well known from the ancient Greek mythology with the name of Scheria, a place where Odysseus meets Nausica on his way back to Ithaca. As for today, every year more and more tourists come here for the island’s incredible beaches with crystal, sparkling, blue water, surrounded by rich greenery. You can find here some of the best beaches of the Ionian Islands, awarded with European Union’s Blue Flag.

One of the main Kerkira’s attractions is the city of Corfu with its medieval Venetian architecture, a labyrinth of old narrow streets, palaces, churches and two fortresses. The central square of the town is the Spianada or Esplanade is the largest square in Balkans. The first thing that one sees approaching the island from the sea is the bell tower of Saint Spyridon church, which is the highest spot of the whole town. The famous Greek islands’ gastronomy can be considered one more attraction that can be seen and tasted in various taverns and restaurants in traditional local villages with distinguishing Ionian architecture such as the Village of Palia Perithia and Liapades Village. Create your own unforgettable Mediterranean memories of Corfu with us!