Every year Halkidiki is visited by numerous tourists from all over the world, searching for a perfect combination of beautiful nature, adorable beaches and archaeological sites. Ancients knew this region as Flegra - the Place of Fire - since it was believed to be the place where the battle between the Olympian Gods and the Giants took place. One of the greatest scientists in human history and the teacher of Alexander the Great, Aristotle was born here in the town called Stageira. 

Take a ride in Sithonia and admire small sparkling blue bays with secluded beaches, surrounded by pine trees. Visit the peninsula of Athos, where the unique Orthodox Monks' Republic is and only males are permitted to visit this territory. In Kassandra you can enjoy a comopolitic spirit of modern Greece. Café, beach bars, taverns and night clubs for those who prefer an active rest.

Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece and the closest big city, provides its guests with a big range of attractions of all kind: great shopping, wonderful promenade on the seafront and museums. Everyone will find here something special and unique to keep memories of.