The island of the knights and the capital of Dodecanese, the motherland of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Colossus of Frhodes, and one of the greatest summer destinations in Greece. As it is said: "Here is Rhodes, jump here", meaning – prove your words by your deeds. So, why to choose this island for your vacation?

Rhodes Island is full of long shingly and some sandy beaches most of which have been awarded with the European Union blue flag. Pine  and cypress forests, rocky shores, citrus fruit, wine grapes, olive groves and one of the most fascinating attraction of the region - the Valley of the Butterflies. A place, where you can take a walk through the shaded valley with its small river and waterfalls, surrounded by butterflies. Visiting an ostrich farm would be also a great idea for families with little children.

The historical sites of the island include the Acropolis of Lindos, an ancient theatre and stadium, the Governor's Palace, the Palace of the Grand Masters and many others. Explore the medieval streets walking in the old town of Rhodes. Try Rhodian culinary delights, which are based mostly on the delicacies of the sea and can satisfy every gourmet. Join us in this wonderful adventure of discovering the true island beauties.