Regions of Greece

Outstanding beaches, turquoise seas, numerous historical and Orthodox sites, a tasteful cuisine and a pure Greek hospitality. We will be glad to match you with your perfect destination, based on your personal enquiries, whether it would be an island or the continental Greece.


В нескольких километрах от Афин городской пейзаж сменяется уникальным приморским курортом.

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Ancients knew this region as Flegra - the Place of Fire - since it was believed to be the place where the battle between the Olympian Gods and the Giants took place. Read more


Santorini is a precious gemstone in the Aegean Sea. A beautiful island owes its birth to the sleeping volcano of Thira, the crater of which is still in the sea, under the sparkling blue waters. Read more


The island of the knights and the capital of Dodecanese, the motherland of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Colossus of Frhodes, and one of the greatest summer destinations. Read more


The island of Crete is one of the most mentioned places in the ancient Greek mythology. Moreover, it is considered to be the motherland of the ancient Greek God Zeus.  Read more


If you have ever been wondering how a Greek island with a Venetian architecture and a British and French influence would look like, than you should definitely visit Kerkira! Read more


One region that hosts monuments from all the periods of Greek history: Ancient Olympia, where The Olympic Games took place for at least 1000 years and which is still a departure point of the Olympic flame.  Read more


The bohemian destination and the symbol of luxury vacation, Mykonos from the times of Aristotle Onassis, who loved to visit the island, became a first place to go for the celebrities from all over the world. Read more