To travel around Peloponnese is definitely a great idea! One region that hosts monuments from all the periods of Greek history: Ancient Olympia, where The Olympic Games took place for at least 1000 years and which is still a departure point of the Olympic flame; the fortress city at Monemvasia and totally adorable city of Nafplio, the former capital of the country. Byzantine churches, unique castles, natural beauties such as mountains, forests and caves surrounded by the sea, wonderful beaches, everything here create a perfect invitation for your summer vacation in Greece.

Admire the Corinth Canal, a project started by a ruler of Ancient Corinth, overtaken by Roman emperor Nero and completed in the 19th century. Visit classic fortified city, Mystras, the former capital of the Byzantine Empire, surrounded by olive and orange trees.

Explore this magnificent piece of Greece and let us guide you to the most interesting destinations of this marvelous country.