Santorini is a precious gemstone in the Aegean Sea. A beautiful island owes its birth to the sleeping volcano of Thira, the crater of which is still in the sea, under the sparkling blue waters. Discover the unique and the most beautiful beaches of Santorini! Only here you can see the exclusive Red beach or a volcano beach, where the sand and pebbles are red. Santorini is one of the most famous romantic destinations in the world. Whether you are thinking of making a proposal with a view on the most adorable sunset, or considering a place to go in the honeymoon, this island will create the most touching memories about your personal precious life moments.

The architecture of Santorini as well as Cycladic architecture in general is well-known all over the world: small, white cubical houses engraved in rocks are flying above the sea. As everything else in Greece, Santorini has a long and adventurous history that starts in prehistoric period and saved to our times some true stories about Venetians, pirates and other conquers. The island’s capital is the city of Fira, which can provide its visitors with a wide range of bars, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops; the main port is also located here. Take a ride on a cute donkey, taste the delicious dishes of the local cuisine and let us lead you to the fairytale, called Santorini.