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Villas PRO offers its clients more than just villa accommodation. As part of the Ambotis Group family, we not only rent out fabulous villas in Greece, but also work with the most famous and respected airlines, have our own car rental company, visa center, guide school, hotel chain in Halkidiki, pilgrimage service. This allows us, without resorting to the services of third companies, to offer our clients the best opportunities at competitive prices and control the level of service provided.


We provide individual transfers in the most modern and comfortable VIP-class cars and minibuses, as well as organization of VIP services at the airport, rental of cars, business jets, helicopters and motor yachts.


If you are used to a personalized menu and want to use the services of a chef, we will be happy to introduce you to the master of his craft in the kitchen. We will also reserve a table for you in the best restaurant, organize wine tasting or private cooking lessons to enrich your holiday.


Let us turn your villa into a real spa or beauty salon. Your personal trainer will ensure that you stay in shape, and your hairdresser, makeup artist and manicurist will ensure that you captivate with your beauty even on vacation.


Do you want to celebrate a significant event? Let us plan an unforgettable event for you while you simply enjoy live music, fireworks, amazingly delicious food and a photo session with a professional photographer.


Discover the amazing history and culture of Greece with our tour guides who will guide you through the land of ancient gods and heroes. Visit numerous museums, because we will take care of tickets in advance. Take a walk along a walking route specially designed for you or rent a boat or yacht and plunge into the azure, sparkling infinity. Our pilgrimage service will be happy to organize for you an individual program for visiting the shrines of Greece.

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