Rental Rules

Rental rules

Rules for holidays in villas

Please spend a few minutes studying the rules and conditions of renting a villa in Greece and Cyprus, which must be observed so that nothing overshadows your vacation and you, as well as the landlord, are satisfied with the cooperation.

These rules are general; additional permissions and/or restrictions may be specified separately.

AGREEMENT WITH THE USER (tenant, guest of the villa)

By booking a villa with Villas PRO, the user thereby agrees to the terms of this Agreement. Please do not use our service if you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement. Please note that all houses on the Villas PRO website are private property and international standards or star ratings are not applied to them.

We have collected all the necessary information regarding each villa (description of services, location, photographs), however, the name of the villa indicated on our website, for confidentiality purposes, may differ from the name specified in the rental agreement. The descriptions of villas that you can find on our website are provided to us by the property owners and therefore we do not accept any liability if they contain errors or incorrect information.

Villas PRO acts as an intermediary between the client and the owner of the villa and assumes responsibility solely in this role. We are not responsible for problems that may arise during your stay at the villa, nor for delays, accidents, losses, price changes, breakdowns or damages, injuries that may occur during your stay in one of our rentals villas.

Villas PRO is not able to verify the information provided to us by property owners, as well as the Landlord’s right to dispose of the property. Our company is neither the owner of the property offered for rent, nor a representative of the management company, therefore responsibility for the relevance of the information, the quality and condition of the housing provided for rent lies solely with the Lessor. The User agrees to independently determine the veracity of the information provided by the Lessor and posted on the Villas PRO website. Taking into account the limited possibilities of verifying the accuracy of the information provided, the Tenant agrees to independently determine the veracity of the information provided by the Lessor by clarifying the necessary details regarding the property and surrounding areas before booking. Villas PRO employees will take care of the correspondence with the property owner; you just need to collect a list of questions and nuances that interest you and provide them to us.


The villa rental agreement is concluded between the landlord (owner/manager of the villa) and the tenant (tourist/guest). The company Mellon Advertising and Promotion Services (VAT: 999559397) registered in Greece, which has the exclusive right to own the website Villas (hereinafter the company, Villas PRO, we), is not a third party in such a rental agreement, does not control parties and, accordingly, is not responsible for compliance with the terms of the agreement and its implementation by the parties. The Lessee agrees that the Company is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the conclusion of the transaction.


The villas presented on the Villas PRO website are provided solely for the purpose of recreation for the persons (tenant) listed in the Rental Agreement. Other persons do not have the right to reside and/or temporarily stay in the villa without the prior consent of the landlord. The maximum number of tourists staying in a villa is indicated in the description of each house on the Villas PRO website. Neither Villas PRO nor the Lessor (villa owner) are responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur to guests while staying at the villa. Guests bear full responsibility for actions that violate Greek laws.


A reservation request can be made either by filling out a form on the Villas PRO website, or by email or phone call. When placing an order, you must confirm your acceptance of the booking conditions and rules that apply to the selected villa.


  1. As a guarantee against damage and to ensure the safety of the property provided for rent, the lessor may request the payment of a security deposit by the tenants. Villas PRO employees will notify you in advance about the amount of the cash deposit. If it is necessary to make such a deposit, the Tenant shall pay the agreed amount directly to the Landlord at the time of check-in into the booked accommodation. Villas PRO is not responsible for the actions of the Tenant related to the security deposit for the safety of the property. Upon eviction, if no damage to the villa or movable property is found, the security deposit is returned in full.
  2. Check in/Check out.
    Our staff will notify you in advance about the check-in and check-out times that apply to the villa. Approximate check-in time is 14.00, check-out time is 12.00.
  3. In case you need the Day use/Early or Late Check-in service, you can also request it from our representatives.
  4. Any delay or change in time or date of arrival must be agreed with Villas PRO at least 48 hours before arrival in Greece. If you cannot move in on the appointed day and time due to delays on the road or for another reason beyond the control of the landlord, no compensation will be paid. The same rule applies to early departure.
  5. Personal information. The Tenant guarantees that all personal information and contact details provided by him are current, accurate and truthful. By providing his data, the Tenant gives his unconditional consent to the processing, storage and use of personal data for the purpose of concluding a rental agreement and its proper maintenance.


  1. The cost of accommodation is provided upon request and is indicated in Euros.
  2. For the Tenant, the amount payable indicated in the reservation is equal to the total rental price for the agreed number of nights. Conditions such as a security deposit, equipping housing with additional equipment and other services provided to the Tenant by the Landlord do not apply to the terms of the User Agreement with Villas PRO and must be negotiated and agreed upon directly by the Tenant and the Landlord.
  3. The Tenant who has received a confirmed reservation from the Lessor is obliged to pay it within 48 hours from the date of confirmation of the reservation. Reservations not paid within the specified period will be cancelled.
  4. After payment, all information, namely: general description of housing, dates of arrival and departure, amount already paid, amount of additional payment (if any), amount of non-refundable deposit, amount of security deposit for the safety of property – is automatically sent to the email of the Tenant and Landlord and is an official confirmation of the transaction and guidance in case of disputes.
  5. Costs associated with accommodation and payment of utilities (electricity, water), final cleaning, rental of bed linen and towels are included in the rental price. Almost all villas have Internet, its cost is also included in the total payment. Pool heating is additionally paid if this is indicated in the description of the villa.
  6. If additional services are not indicated in the description of the property, then the Villas PRO team, for an additional fee, having secured the mandatory permission of the owner of the villa and ensuring the safety of the property, can provide the services of service personnel – housekeeper, cook, driver, security guard, butler, nanny, etc. P.
  7. Payment and cancellation terms
    ADVANCE PAYMENT: To confirm your reservation, as a rule, you must pay Villas PRO 30% of the rental price (together with payment for any additional services provided).
    REMAINING AMOUNT: Final payment is usually made 60-30 days before move-in.
    However, due to the fact that the terms of payment and cancellation of reservations are set unilaterally and independently by each villa, they may differ from the above. Villas PRO informs tenants in advance about all payment and cancellation conditions.
  8. Payment methods
    Payment is made by credit card (VISA, VISAELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, AMERICANEXRPESS) or by bank transfer.
  9. Confirmation of Rental Terms
    At the time of transfer of the prepayment to confirm the reservation and after its receipt in the Villas PRO account, the tenant (tourist) and Villas PRO, by default, assume all responsibilities for compliance with the terms and conditions of the rental specified in this document.


  1. Live in the villa and use the movable property located in it and on its territory, without causing damage to the real estate and said property, without polluting or clogging it.
  2. Keep pets in the villa, subject to the written consent of the lessor (owner of the villa). In this case, you bear full responsibility for damage that may be caused by pets to the villa and the movable property located in it, as well as common property on the territory where the villa is located and (or) the property of neighbors; as well as for daily waste collection, maintaining cleanliness and sanitary standards.
  3. Smoking is allowed in open areas (on the street, balconies) and prohibited indoors.
  4. Events at the villa. Any celebrations, parties, weddings, receptions and other similar events can be organized and hosted by Villas PRO after obtaining the written permission of the landlord, as well as in accordance with other requirements of Greek law. The organization and provision of any type of culinary services, catering and/or the services of a cook and wait staff can be provided by the Villas PRO team.


  1. Do not rearrange the furniture, or perform actions related to changing the artistic design of the villa, the location of decorative elements, appliances, equipment and mechanisms without the prior consent of the owners of the house. Guests are responsible for the safety of items in the villa and its grounds, including but not limited to structures, furniture, plants, etc.
  2. Upon expiration of the lease period, vacate the villa and hand over to the lessor the movable property located in it in good condition.
  3. Compensate for damage caused to the owner of the villa due to improper use of his movable and/or immovable property, if this was not secured by a security deposit.
  4. At any time, to eliminate accidents and malfunctions, as well as to check the presence of unauthorized persons in the apartment, upon receipt of complaints from neighbors, freely allow the landlord and (or) his authorized persons into the villa. In exceptional cases, if necessary, by prior agreement of the parties, allow the lessor and (or) his authorized persons to enter the villa to check the condition of the villa and the movable property located in it.
  5. At a pre-agreed time, allow service personnel into the villa, if such services are provided (maid; gardener; personnel servicing the pool/jacuzzi).
  6. At the time of eviction, the villa must be left clean and tidy. Otherwise, the landlord may retain part of the deposit for additional cleaning costs. Some villas provide a daily cleaning service; however, this varies from villa to villa and is stated in the description on our website. If such services are not included in the description of the villa, the provision of additional services can be arranged by agreement for an additional fee by the Villas PRO team.
  7. Guests must regularly throw away garbage and food waste (and, of course, without fail before departure) in special containers located outside. Due to the sewage system in Greece, hygiene products and toilet paper should not be thrown into the toilet. The villa is provided with hot water either from a boiler heated by solar panels, or from a boiler that must be turned on and off independently. Towels that are the property of the landlord must not be used on the beach, or as a bath mat, or for removing makeup, etc.
  8. According to Greek law, it is necessary to maintain silence during the siesta from 14:30 to 17:30 and during the evening rest from 23:00 to 08:00.
  9. Security and values. Please keep the villa locked after 22:00. This applies to both the safety of the building and your personal safety. Guests are solely responsible for valuables left on the property. If this is provided in the villa, it is necessary to activate the security alarm and store valuables in the safe. Take necessary steps against theft of property: When leaving the premises, you must ensure that all doors, balconies and windows are locked or closed. In the event of theft or break-in resulting from your negligence, the landlord reserves the right to claim compensation. Villas PRO is not responsible for your losses.
  10. Caring for the environment. Please keep the environment clean. Don’t waste water unnecessarily. Remember that there are people on the planet who do not have access to clean water. Send special waste (paper, glass, metals, etc.) for recycling. The blue and yellow bins on the streets are exclusively for recycling these materials.
  11. Swimming pool – JACUZZI. Special item for villas with swimming pools/jacuzzi, private or shared. The times when the pool/jacuzzi is allowed to be used are indicated in the property description. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, this time may change for reasons beyond our control. Please shower before and after your stay in the villa’s private or shared pool/jacuzzi. Guests are solely responsible for the use of the pool/jacuzzi and waive any potential claims against the villa owners and Villas PRO in the event of accident, injury or death. PLEASE NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED to avoid accidents. Please do not drink alcohol while relaxing by the pool. For safety reasons, glassware is prohibited near the pool. Violation of these rules may result in cancellation of the reservation and penalties in the form of withholding of the entire payment amount and deposit.


  1. Complaints. If the accommodation does not meet the objective requirements, you must contact Villas PRO on the day of your arrival and we will do our best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Complaints received after the end of the rental period will not be accepted. If you leave the villa before your contracted departure date without informing our representative, you will lose your right to any possible compensation.
  2. If an accommodation issue has not been resolved during your stay at the villa, you must provide your comments in writing within 7 days of your departure. We will forward your written complaint to the landlord and will endeavor to assist you in reaching a satisfactory resolution of all valid complaints about the accommodation.
  3. The Villas PRO company does not guarantee that the consumer properties of the tourism product, accommodation facility (villa, apartment, cottage, house, etc.), living conditions (location of the accommodation facility, its category, level, properties) and additional services provided to the tenant (guest/client) in the country of temporary stay – Greece and Cyprus, will correspond to the subjective ideas and expectations of the tenant (guest/client) and, therefore, is not responsible in the event of such a discrepancy with subjective expectations, as well as for any, resulting losses and damages.
  4. Any claims regarding the operation of housing may be brought against the Lessor, and not the Company.
  5. Neither Villas PRO nor the landlord are responsible for noise or disturbances occurring outside the villa or beyond the control of the landlord. If we are informed prior to your arrival at the villa that there is an obvious source of noise in the area, we will inform you of this.
  6. Villas PRO is not an agent of the villa owner and neither we nor any of the businesses associated with us, nor our employees or any other persons associated with Villas PRO are responsible for any damages incurred by you, your guests or damages to your property, punitive, incidental, special or other damages arising from or related to the rental of the villa, as well as delays, costs, accidents, injuries, damages incurred by you.
  7. After booking a villa, Villas PRO may offer you additional services. Some of the service providers are independent contractors and are not representatives or employees of Villas PRO. We are not responsible for their actions, errors, omissions, warranties, breaches, negligence or for any other loss/damage or related expenses.


If it is impossible to reach an agreement between the parties as a result of negotiations, as well as in the absence of the desire of either party to negotiate, the disputes that arise are resolved in the court of the city of Thessaloniki in accordance with the current legislation of Greece (and the Republic of Cyprus).

We thank you for choosing and hope that your stay at the villa will be enjoyable!

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